Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bizarre Computer Behavior

Weird things happened to our computers. 1 is the inability to browse the web and the other is some missing data.

  1. 0745 3/11/08 - downloaded and installed "isitup"
  2. ~0750 3/11/08 - lost ability to browse the web. I could ping the Google ip address but not the Google URL.
  3. I left it alone and went to work. With isitup set to monitor the Google ip and the Google URL.
  4. 1945 3/11/08 - Google ip was good all day but the Google URL was out all day.
  5. Lara plugged in to sync her iPhone but it wouldn't sync since itunes was "empty." The itunes database is gone from the My Music folder so itunes had to start fresh. The music file are still on the server the but the itunes data is gone.
  6. The Documents and Pictures buttons on the start menu do not open anything. The larson, Music and Games buttons do open to the proper folder. The properties of Documents and Pictures are empty as if there are corrupted or something.
  7. Since things are weird I'll start a Mcafee virus scan just in case.
  8. I couldn't browse the web from any computer in the house but I could ping the Google URL and the Verizon DNS ip addresses.
  9. I hard rebooted the Netgear router, but that didn't change anything.
  10. I then reconnected Gateway laptop to the Actiontec router and did an nslookup www.google.com. This didn't work the first time, but after a few seconds I tried and again and it worked.
  11. It's as if this kick started things since now I can browse the web from any computer in the house again. Maybe I need a firmware update to the Actiontec.
  12. 2245 3/11/08 - Opening FireFox (v2.0.0.12) asked me if I wanted to import settings from IE as if this was the first time I'd used FireFox on this computer (ekalaka). I answered no to importing anything. Yet, after opening FireFox I see that my bookmarks are still there.
  13. 1115 3/11/08 - Mcafee finished and it found 18 cookies which Mcafee removed. This doesn't see like a big issue.

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