Thursday, February 28, 2008

To much information?

I wish I had something profound to say after watching this video. Part of me wants to question the statistics, but that's just being a killjoy. I wonder what they define as "new" information. This blog posting might technically be "new" information, but I'm not sure the relative value to the Earth. Maybe that's the trick. Thought: The web has made it easier to create "new" information, thereby creating this new problem of generating more information than can be effectively used.

Part of this video indicated that the U.S. needs to be prepared to not be the "biggest", "best" county on the Earth. The interesting part is that China is Communist Dictatorship and I'm not convinced that method of government can be really successful. Also, part of the population explosion in India is due to lack of education in young women...not necessarily due to the bi-lingual college graduations. That said, I think persons in the U.S. must become multi-lingual just to remain relevant.