Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to build a Cub Scout flag stand

Here is how I built flag stands for our Cub Scout Den flag and our American flag. This is a simple, yet very rugged, design that young boys can carry around. We use them for opening and closing ceremonies at den meetings. I send the den flag and its stand home with the boys between meetings to build a little den spirit. Ideally you might build one of these for every den in the pack and encourage dens to display their flag during den and pack activities.

1 - standard wooden broom stick
1 - 12" long 1 1/4" PVC pipe
4 - 8" 2x4
8 - 2.5" deck screws
Liquid Nails
White spray paint (optional)
Blue and Gold craft paint (optional)

Cut any piece of 2x4 lumber into four 8" lengths.
Do a light sanding to knock off all the big splinters.

Using 2 deck screws per 2x4, screw them together leaving just enough room to tighly fit the PVC pipe into the square opening in the middle.
It is key that you secure the base together making a flat bottom. Your lumber might be warped a little you you have to play with it a little to make the base level.

Secure the PVC to the wood using liquid nails.
No need to put a screw through the actual PVC, plus I think it's more stable to allow the pole to slide freely though the PVC.

I let ours dry overnight to make sure the liquid nails was completely cured.

Use a 1/4" or so drill bit to put one holes in the broom stick.

Tie the Den flag to the pole using a simple knot.
Note that the bottom string is tied around the pole with no hole. I think it looks better that way. You may do it differently.

Our American flag had grommets that were sort of ripped out so I used twine to secure it by wrapping it many times and finishing with a half hitch. This picture has an orange rubber band, but that shouldn't be there.

I spray painted the PVC white. It took several coats.
Then I had the boys paint the blue and gold on the wood.

*Much credit to the Packmaster from our previous pack, Brian Martin, for telling me how he built his. I basically copied his design.


Jason said...

Thank you very much for posting these instructions. I need this for my Cub Scout Den as well.

John Holden said...

Thank you for that project. Our den is going to build that.

Eric Klein said...

I built this for my Den. I love the design, but would recommend longer (12") pieces if you are going to use the stand outside. We just used it and it blew over at 8"

Steve Conn said...

We cut the outside ends at a 45 degree angle to increast the effective length of the base without buying more material. It also makes it look a bit "cooler" :)

Elaine Edwards said...

Thanks for posting th is!

Brittney said...

Great post just built one with your instructions :)

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