Sunday, July 8, 2007

Father's Day iPod

Lara bought me an 8GB iPod nano for Father's day and I am loving it. The world probably noticed a sluggishness in the internet as I have discovered podcasting (heavy downloads). I'm using iTunes of course to aggregate my podcasts and sync them with the iPod. As a long time Linux lover my current favorites are Linux Reality and Fresh Ubuntu. Each of these gives me a 30-45 minute taste of the Penguin. I also dabble in the Sports Reports and a comedy feeds. Mostly I spend time listening to the Linux yack.

I'm fascinated by the simple social dynamics of the thing. I had the ear buds in while waiting for my plane at the airport...seems reasonable enough, right? Well, I noticed my flight was no longer listed at the gate where I was sitting. I asked the lady at the counter about it and she huffed up saying, "You've moved to gate 95, if you didn't have that iPod in you'd have heard!" Seemed a little rude for a customer service rep. Also, I'm not a big music guy, but I find myself wanting to get a set of portable speakers so I can listen to music at the pool or just hanging out in the back yard. I could easily buy a small boom box or something, but simple access to thousands of songs changes the game.

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